Kid’s Decor- Crosses

There was a point in my life where I only saw the cross as good. You know…the beautiful silver and gem studded crosses that so many of us wear around our necks.

Then, there was a point in my life where I saw the cross totally differently. I saw it as awful and costly….it was, after all, the mechanism used to send Jesus to His death.

And now….now I realize it is not an either/or, but a both/and. The cross IS good! The cross IS beautiful! The cross IS awful! The cross IS costly!

I think so many people want to only hold onto the beauty, like so much of life. That was why I swung the pendulum swing and denied the cross’ beauty and actually developed a metaphorical allergy to cross necklaces.  But unfortunately, I was denying something equally as important.

Maybe some people can’t handle the ugly brokenness that comes along with the cross. Maybe some are scared of it. Maybe they are trying to convince themselves it doesn’t exist.  I don’t know. But what I do know is that leaving the deep brokenness out of the picture diminishes the amazing beauty of the cross. And in my case, leaving the beauty out of it, diminishes what Christ accomplished on that cross!

This is why I make these particular distressed wood and fabric crosses. I want to creatively depict the cross in both its deep brokenness (the distressed wood) and its deep beauty (the beautiful fabric). And this is what I want to teach our children…the full picture of the cross we talk so much about. It is my hope that these crosses will be a tangible example to them of that very thing!


Grace..Hope..Love Wood Signs

These three words are foundational in my life.

Grace: I wouldn’t know God without it. I wouldn’t have forgiveness without it. I wouldn’t be set free from shame and guilt without it. I wouldn’t have life without it. I wouldn’t be who I am without it.

Hope: It carries me through the suffering in this broken life because I know that there is a good God who intervenes in this messed up world. Hope carries me through because I know this place is not my final destination.

Love: God loves me…and boy was that love costly for Him. His love is deep, everlasting, unconditional. No matter my imperfection…no matter the ways I hurt Him…His love is constant.

Grace. Hope. Love.

  • Hand-Painted
  • Distressed
  • 15″ long and almost 4″ high
  • $18





Clothespin Picture Frames


After I made a couple of these to display our children’s artwork, I fell in love with them. Right now we have two large ones filled with our kiddo’s creativity….sometimes I layer, sometimes I rotate, taking old stuff off and putting new on. Regardless, our kids know that we care about their creations, and they know exactly where they go. 🙂

These frames are such a fun and creative way to display items that are important to you and your family. Smaller ones like these are great for displaying family pictures, cards you receive in the mail, or even important notes and coupons, etc. No one ever said that organization had to be boring! Why not add a splash to your organization efforts with something fun, splashy, and creative?

  • Hand Painted and Distressed Frames
  • Hand Painted, Distressed, and Accessorized Mini Clothespins
  • Sizes are 12″x 9″for the black one & 12 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ for the turquoise and brown one.
  • $20 each for smaller clothespin picture frames like these

Some new Wood & Fabric Crosses

Combining the distressed look of the wood with the beauty of the fabric reminds me of both the deep brokenness and the amazing beauty of the cross.

  • Handmade
  • Painted and Distressed
  • Sealed
  • Large: 14″x 9″ – $25
  • Small: 9″x 5 1/2″ – $18

“Family is Forever”


Solid wood, hand painted, distressed “Family is Forever” signs in a unique shape. Made to be freestanding, but could be hung up as well.

  • 7″ x 14″ -$12
  • Solid Wood
  • Hand Painted
  • Distressed

As we are in the process of foster adopting our kiddos, “Family is Forever” is a phrase that is often said in our home. Family…unconditional love. commitment. imperfection. perseverance. grace. forgiveness.

Fabric and Wood Crosses

The cross is awful….it is torturous. And it is where my Savior died for me. A slow, painful, agonizing death. The cross is ugly and full of so much brokenness.

At the same time, the cross is full of beauty. It is the place where Someone loved us so much that He sacrificed everything for us. Everything. It is the place where all my sins were paid for and forgiven.

In these handmade, freestanding crosses, I have sought to bring the reality of both that brokenness and that beauty into the making of them. The brokenness is reflected in the distressed wood, while the beauty is represented in the fabric.

  • Handmade
  • Distressed Wood
  • Large: 14″x 9″-$25
  • Small: 9″x 5 1/2″-$18